I had Ryan from Arbor Aid look at a landscaping project I was working on.  He took time to explain to my customer the importance of maintaining the trees and plants in his new landscape.  He provided a deep root (starter) fertilization for the newly planted landscape.  All of plants look great and they survived the harsh winter.
Jeremy Giles (owner of Turf Concepts Landscaping)
We had Arbor Aid come out to look over our property to see if anything could be done about our ash trees.  They injected a pesticide into the trunk, and performed deep root fertilization.  The ash trees are now healthy, full of dark green leaves, and most importantly, free of emerald ash borer.
Mike Ditner (Grounds manager of Leisure Lane Condominiums)
We were very happy with the work Arbor Aid performed on our property.  We had close to 40 dying shrubs due to salt and winter damage.  2 to 3 weeks after treatment, all but 1 plant recovered fully.  If we had to replace the dead plants, it would have cost us thousands.
Scott Kauffman (General Manager Buffalo Wild Wings Woodhaven)