blue spruce decline small 2

 Spruce planted too deep in poor soil, little nutrition, infected with needle cast fungus.

Arbor Aid is a tree health care provider that can help you with the health of your trees and landscape plants.  We can consult you on how to care for your plants, as well as, offer services such as: deep root fertilization, trunk injections consisting of nutrients, fungicides, and insecticides. We can prevent disease in your trees before it is too late and expensive to treat.  We have a combined 30 years of experience in tree and landscape care.  ISA certified arborist on call to aid you in your tree care. 

Keeping your landscape and trees healthy all year long

We look at your trees as an investment.  You paid a good sum of money to have them installed, so you should take care of your investment.  Trees and landscape plants increase the value of your home, and they need to be healthy.  We can develop a tree care program for you.  We can see potential problems before they become costly.

Consults Only $75 (applied to any services)

We can come out and diagnose any disease, fungus, insect, soil condition that would be detrimental to your trees or landscape plants.  Any treatment will be discounted the consult fee.


Total Care for Your Landscape & Trees

We can provide deep root fertilization, trunk injections, soil amendments, turfgrass fertililzation.